Meetings & Agendas
Town Cable Television Channel

Did you know you can watch live video of Town Council Meetings on the town cable channels?

Town of Bladensburg residents can watch video of the Town Council meetings on the Town cable channels.  Council meetings are rebroadcast twice a day, every day at 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. Watch the Town Council Meeting on:

  • Channel 71 on the Comcast Network
  • Channel 19 on the Verizon Network

The Town cable channel also serves as a public bulletin board for important public service messages, community notifications and events.

Meeting calendar

The Council meets in the Town Hall on the second Monday of each month.

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11/08/21 November 2021 Work Session Agenda      
11/08/21 November 2021 Council Meeting Agenda       Packet      
10/18/21 October 2021 Council Meeting Agenda       Packet      
10/18/21 October 2021 Work Session Agenda      
10/03/21 Special Council Meeting Agenda      
09/10/21 September 2021 Work Session Agenda       Packet       Presentations      
09/10/21 September 2021 Council Meeting Agenda       Packet      
09/02/21 Board of Supervisors Elections Meeting Minutes      
06/21/21 Special Council Meeting - June 21, 2021 Agenda      

02/10/20 Worksession Meeting Minutes      
02/10/20 Council Meeting Minutes      
01/13/20 Worksession Meeting Minutes      
01/13/20 Council Meeting Minutes      

12/09/19 Worksession Meeting Minutes      
12/09/19 Council Meeting Minutes      
10/21/19 Worksession Meeting Minutes      
10/21/19 Council Meeting Minutes